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 Jaejoong - Fanmeeting à Shanghai 10.12.11 [en anglais]

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MessageSujet: Jaejoong - Fanmeeting à Shanghai 10.12.11 [en anglais]   Dim 3 Juin - 19:10

Désolée, mais je n'ai pas le courage de me retraduire tout mon fanaccount, docn je poste la version originale, en rajoutant quelques détails que j'avais oublié.

Il y a eu pas mal de discussion sur ce fanmeeting, et j'avoue que je suis pas mécontente d'avoir rater le bordel que ça a apparemment créé sur twitter. Donc pour ceux qu'il veulent savoir comment ça s'est passé, voilou :


I came to the venue at 9am, to grab some goodies, even if I had already ruined myself yesterday. When I left the subway station, I was a bit lost actually, and I randomly met a girl who asked me something. I noticed she had a TVXQ bag, so I told her I didn't know where the venue was, and she nicely led me to it, even if she wasn't attending it. Goodies where a bit the same than yesterday, except the fanclubs ones of course, but I still managed to ruin myself again, especially with the "official goodies". I was a bit disappointed by them, because they were really expensive, and the overall quality was kinda poor. I noticed that it was actually the same company who did TVXQ "official" goodies too. They even ended up selling those TVXQ goodies in the afternoon ^^'

I went back to my hotel then got back to the venue at noon. I exchanged my ticket with some girl (switch pit area, but same distance to the stage) because she wanted to stay with her friends. I was still suspicious about it, I didn't wanted to get scammed and blocked at the last minute. But it was totally Ok in the end.
The queue was pretty messy for the standing tickets. They told us that we should not start queueing before 4pm, so instead of queueing in line, fans were waiting a little bit everywhere, and it was even more messy. The entrance was split in two parts according to pit area, and to access each gate, there was two stairways. Until 4pm, they prevented us from approaching the stairways. Some security gards were OK, some were downright rude, bumping the front girls with their shoulders as if they were some kind of locked doors to make them back away 30cm u_u
I felt a bit alone, no other girl talking english around, or not wanting to talk to me... and my back was seriously aching. At one point, the wait was too annoying, so the crowd got wild and we ran towards the stairways, protected with bareers. Then it was a mess because we were all totally crushed against one another, and could barely breathe. I wanted to scratch my leg, I couldn't. I even learnt how to say "Walk back !" in chinese ^^
But at least, I had some japanese around me and I spoke a bit with them. Then, at 4:45pm there was scream on the side. I think JJ arrived but I'm not sure. In the end, 3/4 of the crowd left to see but I preferred to keep my spot. It was more breathable then, since I had nobody behind me. And when other people arrived, then didn't pushed. The people who left went to wait in front of the second stairway. But at 6pm, we were getting impatient, and what actually happened was that they let people from the second stairway enter, while they still blocked us ? WTF ? We waited for hours too, so why didn't we have the right to enter ? And all the people who were up the stairs were snapping pics of us, that was annoying. They probably found that funny, we didn't. Some girls tried to climb over the bareers and security gards and managed to do it, the others where not-delicately pushed back. I ended up switching queue and took the open staircase. I still don't understand why they did something so unfair (bot staircase where the right ones, they told us), and I was seriously mad, because when I start queuing, I was in the very beginning of the crowd, but because of their shit, half of my pit area had already entered !

When I FINALLY entered the venue, I saw that there was a catwalk, and a lot of people crowding. I settled near the end of the catwalk, so I could see him if he was singing at the edge. I looked at the venue. Not bit, not small, a lot of banners around it. At one point, some girls prevented a Yunjae banner to be hanged, and others tried to put down the one that was already up. Or tried to hide Yunho's face on it u__u. Yunjae fans had to call the security guys to protect the banner, by preventing people from approaching it. It was not Protect the boss anymore, but Protect the banner... There was a mix of green light, with some "Jae" lightboards, red (usual lightsticks) and white (Yunjae ligthboards). In the seats, because in the pit, it was only a camera ocean... Few lightsticks, we were so crushed against one another that we didn't have access to our bags.

When Jae appeared, singing "I'll Protect You", I even have difficulties to see him. He was on the main stage, and too many girls were holding their camera above their head (I usually put mine around face level, to not bother the people behind, but chinese didn't bother trying not to hide the view of the people behind). And I ended up behind a chinese girl who was even taller than me T.T
Their was a lot of pushing, girls were yelling at me as if it was my fault. I did whatever I could, but it was pushing behind me too. At one point, I crushed against a girl who was carrying something that looked like a suitcase. Seriously ?? A suitcase in the middle of a crowded pit ? Nothing more annoying and dangerous ?
But due to the pushing, I slowly gained meters in the crowd, and I could see Jae's more clearly. He was just so damn fucking handsome !! His new hair colors was Ok, and he had a big ear piercing. I saw him only a month ago in Berlin, but I felt that I wanted to see him again and again every day.

After the song, went to talk part. Where I obviously didn't understand a single thing (just a few exeptions) since it was translated from korean to chinese. I just know they made him speak some Chinese sentences, like "I love you" (directed to the fans). And I think JJ asked why there was a green ocean. Since I didn't understand anything, I was mostly admiring Jae's perfection, enjoying when he removed his vest and snapping pic, even if I was still far, and had a lot of arms in the air in front of me.

Then, it was the time for the fans questions. Before the fanmeeting, they asked fans to write down their questions on a paper, and also their phone number on another sheet. Because of the organization with the pit queuing (meaning, we ran and couldn't stop), there was only paper from the seated people. The questions were pinned on a board. I didn't understand what they asked him.
They, they brought a box, with the fans phone number inside (again, only the seated people... pit people couldn't access their phone anyway). He choosed some paper, and called the fans with the transllator's phone (I think it was her phone...). Sometimes, he ended up on an answering machine xD When a fan hanged on, the camera filmed up. It happened... four times ? For the last one, he even came close to the screen, and acted as if he wanted to touch the fan's hand. So she acted the same way, it was really cute. He was overly cute for the whole fanmeeting.

Then, he made a game with some people on the pit, "cham cham cham". He choosed a fan on the pit (one against the bareer) and was pointing some some blowable cow hammer, tying to guess which side the fans was going to turn her head. For those who won (or lose ? I didn't understand xD), he gave signed "In heaven" CD. At this moment, the crowd was pushing like crazy, and I ended up not far from the bareer. He looked at me while he was wondering which fan to choose, probably surprised to see a western face there. I thought he was going to chose me, but he didn't. Well, I had three eye contacts, so I was happy anyway ^^

Then, he sang "For you it's separation, for me it's waiting". I was hoping he would sing it, but not really expecting it, so I was really happy because I love this song ♥️. He had changed tshirt, and the scene was bathed in a red light. He walked a bit on the catwalk and was realy close to me. So I could admire his perfect face even more !
After that, admins of three fansite came on stage to give him gifts. I absolutely didn't understand what were the gift, I couldn't even recognize it. Exept the big banner that we could sign during the days. I remember signing "Love from France", so if he read it, he would know where this western face in the crowd came from xD
He went between the girls and took a pic with them. But the gils who was the the side, not directly beside him asked for a hug, so he "hugged" her. It wasn't a reald hug, more like shoulder bumping and back patting (but I know I would have been exctatic if it had been me). The two other girls saw that and asked for that too, before leaving the stage. Jae was the cuttest thing ever after it, trying to act shy because he touched them. It was adorable xD
There were different vidéos shown during the fanmeeting. I remember a fanmade video about the Cha-cha couple (Cha Muwon/Cha Ji Heon) and jae laughed a lot watching it.
And another fanmade video like "we will support you", ending with a song that chinese fans made, and all the venue started to sing the song. Except me, for very obvious reasons.

The end of the fanmeeting was nearing, and Jae left the stage asking us to wait, and when he came back, on the music of "I'll protect you", he threw some flowers ont the pit. There was a dozen I think. I tried but failed to catch one :(
Then it was really over T.T
It lasted around 1h45/2h, and hopefully, there were still subways at this hour, so it wasn't a mess to get back home like the previous fanmeeting.
My feet were destroyed, I probably lost 2L of sweat and one vertebra, and I lost the Junsu badge on my bag but I really enjoyed the fanmeeting, and didn't regret coming all the way to China to see it.

I have a lot of pics, but the connecion is bitchy here, so they're hard to upload...
And I think i'm going to try to go to each of his solo fanmeeting the next years xDD
I don't know how it's even possible that when I think I can't love him more, I always manage to go one step higher ♥️


Bon, j'ai pas réussi à tenir la promesse que je m'était faite à moi-même, puisque je n'ai pas pu aller à son fanmeeting de Taiwan... mais la prochaine fois sera la bonne !

Si vous voulez plus de photos, je peux en uploader d'autres...

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MessageSujet: Re: Jaejoong - Fanmeeting à Shanghai 10.12.11 [en anglais]   Sam 9 Juin - 19:28

J'ai lu ton récit, ça devait vraiment être la galère au début mais ça valait le coup au final :)
Tu vas à tout les fanmeetings?

Ca serait bien si tu pouvais uploader d'autres photos si ca te dérange pas ^^
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Jaejoong - Fanmeeting à Shanghai 10.12.11 [en anglais]

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